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el eye zee
26 July 2010 @ 02:17 pm

 Friends Only. Comment to be added. [fanfiction is unlocked, so no need to add me for that]
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el eye zee
25 July 2010 @ 02:16 pm

I've just made the majority of my journal, other than fic, friends only so I figured I'd make a post about me. But... I don't like being preached at, and I figured people wouldn't like that, either, so I'm just putting down a bunch of random facts about me. They're not very important and most of them are rather basic, but I figured, why not? :P So here we go! Facts about me to keep in consideration when friending me. :)

all your life, you were only waiting for the moment to arriveCollapse )</div>
ETA 09/15: The ABCs of Lizzeh 

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el eye zee

so i've been meaning to do this for a while now, but i'm ridiculously lazy, so.

here's my fanfiction archive, broken down for you with links and quotes, etc etc. i also included some links to fanfiction.net entries, because those include some fics i linked to in my journal.

*not including drabbles

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el eye zee
05 October 2008 @ 09:18 pm

I've decided to start anew -- my new username is everyforever.

I'm going to be adding everyone I have added now, but if for some reason you would not like to be added on my new username, please tell me.
el eye zee
29 August 2008 @ 11:05 pm
so I clearly suck and, once again, have yet to update this/check friends pages/etc. so i'm honestly thinking about making a change...maybe using this livejournal only for communities, since it seems i'm kind of overloaded on the communities on here. it's ridiculous to look through 100s of pages of friends lists when most of it is communities! so i think i'm going to be making a new livejournal and using that one only for my personal stuff. we'll see. if anything, that change would happen this weekend.

college started on monday, and so far, i love it. i wish i was dorming, and part of me is nervous that i won't make any new friends because i'm not dorming. but hopefully that isn't the case. i'm also extremely jealous of all the girls at my school who have boyfriends :\ it's pathetic, i know, but everytime i see people so happy, i get a little bitter. i've yet to have a "real" meaningful relationship and i can't help but wonder if it's my fault.

i played frisbee today at my high school (old high school i guess?) and it was amazing. probably the most fun i've had all week <3. i miss that place.

i suck so much for not commenting/replying/flisting/doing ANYTHING lj-related. i can't even remember the last time i typed in "livejournal.com" on my browser :\.

oh. and i'm officially addicted to gossip girl. XD
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el eye zee
26 July 2008 @ 02:37 pm
Man...it's been forever since I've updated or even CHECKED lj. Horrible, I know D:

I've been working every day of the week at summer camp; it's pretty busy and hectic, but I love it and I LOVEEEE all my co-workers :D I've also been making some more movies, because I downloaded Sony Vegas and can actually edit with cool effects. ( just posted a video a few minutes ago, actually)

Um... other than that, nothing's been happening. I just watched I'm Not There, and it was really good. And Batman was incredible.

....Crap I have nothing else to say DDDDD: how's everyone?!!?!?
el eye zee
02 July 2008 @ 08:52 pm
OKAY, so I just got a new laptop, and with it....a faster internet connection!! No more dialup!!!!


Send me songs! Music! Youtube links! Funny games! ANYTHING BECAUSE NOW I CAN ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW, DO THEM.

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el eye zee
22 June 2008 @ 09:45 pm
eventually one of these days i'll have something of substance to say; lately though i've just been pretty pissed off by certain people & haven't wanted to rant about it because...well...i might get a little vicious. so i'll hold back.

i posted new icons over at my icon journal; please go check them out! there's 58 fashion-related icons.

curiouslyiconicfashion18.png curiouslyiconic fashion (18).png image by curiouslyiconic curiouslyiconicfashion35.png curiouslyiconic fashion (35).png image by curiouslyiconic curiouslyiconicfashion17.png curiouslyiconic fashion (17).png image by curiouslyiconic
over here
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el eye zee
17 June 2008 @ 06:02 pm
Best part of the movie The Happening? Seeing Cyrille Thouvenin for the last 2 minutes. Yeah, that made that whole movie worth it  :) But um, yeah, I usually like M. Night Shamalamadingdong movies, but wtf. Just, bad news.

On another note, man, I need a paid account. I need some new icons because I'm too attached to my current ones and couldn't even imagine deleting them :[

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el eye zee
this song doesn't get old :D

anywho, i'm doing this instead of studying/reviewing/whatever for my ap english lit exam tomorrow.

i love you. i want you. right now: the love meme
???? :D

um, other than that, my building had a blackout a few hours ago and it was a very boring 30 minutes, i gotta say. except that part where i nearly killed myself because i was in the shower when the lights went out and i screamed because i figured someone was going to kill me psycho-esquely.

yay! i think i want to go to bed now.
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