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what's the story, morning glory?

what's the tale, nightingale?

el eye zee
28 November
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we always have been caged by the choices that we make

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the remus to my sirius & the sirius to my james.
accents, anglophilia, audrey hepburn, bandom, bilvy!, books, boysboysboys, catch-me-if-you-can, charlie/claire d:, cobra starship, doomed romances, exclamation-point-less, fall out boy, fangs-up-cobra-style, film, frank iero, gabe saporta, gilmore girls, henry james, henry&betty, hey-hey little razorblade, incest on heroes, jeremy dufour, lily&james, literati, marauders, mathias lauridsen, milo ventimiglia, mister felton, mr holbrook, musica, neverland, newyorknewyork, p3do, panic at the disco, peter pan, peter/claire, pride & prejudice, pushing daisies, ryden, ryro, sirius black, slip-on vans, tai, taking back sunday, talking to kittyface, theodore&tracey, uncanon romance, unconventional romance, vincent lacrocq, with-a-cigarette-in-hand, writing, yo-ho-yo-ho a pirate's-life-for-me, zach braff, zach/daph